Table Skirting Rentals for Weddings and Event Rentals

If you are covering a table for a head table, buffet table, or gift table, you will want the table covering to completely cover both the top of the table as well as the underneath portion.  This can be done quickly with the rental of a table skirt.  The table skirting is attached with velcro clips to the lip of the table.  When ordering your skirting, make sure you know the exact dimensions of thetop of the table as well as the width of the lip of the table in order to know what size of table skirt clips you will need to attach the skirting.  If you have a problem figuring it all out – don’t hesitate to call us and let us help you.  We love talking to our customers.  

Table Skirting

Table skirting adds a finishing touch to almost any size table. It is most commonly used for wedding headtables, buffet tables, and gift tables. At Beyond Elegance we offer numerous sizes and styles of table skirting of the latest fashions and trends to complete your event decor.