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Party Rentals

Shipping Nationwide

Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding reception or an elegant gala, birthday party, graduation party, anniversary or whatever you are celebrating.  From the table to the chair to the walls and ceiling …..we offer it all for you.  At Beyond Elegance Party Rentals we specialize in affordable high quality rentals to help you create your perfect event to make memories that will last a life time.

As a family owned and operated business for 20 years we offer not only superior products, but also outstanding friendly customer service. And we ship our soft goods nationwide direct to your door step. Give us a call today and let us help you create your perfect event!


Vase Rentals

No matter how big or small a party you're planning, some items are just better to rent than to buy. Vase rentals make your decoration process easy and yet artistic, all without having to spend loads of cash.

When you can rent dozens and more vases for your events, you do not only get access to more eclectic options, but you can also go all-out extravagant with your floral décor. Nothing spruces up a humble affair to heights of luxury like lots of fresh floral décor, and how better to do this than rented vases?

You can fill each table and focal point at your event with gorgeous flower-arrangements without care of falling short of vases when you have a rental service on board.