Your Wedding Dreams Start Here|A Little Blue Box With A White Ribbon 

Supposedly just holding a little robin’s-egg-blue box tied with a white ribbon can make a woman’s heart beat faster.
We all know the box I’m talking about, a jewelry box from Tiffany & Co. That signature blue can be picked out by almost anyone and is infamously associated with the elegance and beauty of their jewelry. So many engagements start out with that little blue box, it’s only fitting that there are so many weddings featuring the color. That’s why we chose to feature our “Tiffany Blue” and similar aquas and teals this week for our Color of the Week.
I always like to find out a little trivia about things we’re featuring so I did a little research about Tiffany & Co. and their trademark color. Here are a few of the interesting facts I found:

  • Did you know Tiffany & Co. own their color? It is officially Pantone 1837 but it is not published in Pantone’s color wheels/books. (Why #1837? – That was the year Tiffany & Co. was founded, originally called “Tiffany, Young, & Ellis)
  • According to MSN’s 175 year anniversary article on Tiffany & Co. the color was selected because it was Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie’s favorite color. There is also a link to the Victorian tradition of brides giving their bridesmaids dove-shaped broaches in that same rich blue.

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