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Welcome to Beyond Elegance “About Us”.


I am Diana, the President/CEO/Founder of Beyond Elegance – actually official named Beyond Elegance by Diana. I started Beyond Elegance in 2002 after my retirement of 32 years with the telephony industry as I found it hard after working so many years not having a daily grind.

As a small business owner, I am also the office manager, office assistant, accountant, lead packer/checker, ironer when we don’t have enough help, website designer, SEO stresser, cook, office cleaner, designer, installer, etc. You name it – in a small business if you don’t have enough help at all times – you gotta do it yourself!

I, like many mothers, worked out of the home while my daughters were growing up to help provide the extra income for not only the daily needs, but those “extras” most every family wants…..camper, brand name jeans, paid college education, etc.

It was my long range goal to build a company that would provide a sufficient cash flow so that my daughters could eventually take over, or at least one of them, and they wouldn’t have to work outside of the home, like I did, while their children grew up.

Well that definitely turned out to be an “unattainable goal” on two accounts. One being, the girls proved to be as ambitious, or more so than there mother, and have successfully worked their way up in their companies, organizations, and schools to where their incomes far surpass what Beyond Elegance could afford today.

The second being…. I had no idea how much “labor” and “expenses” were involved in running a company….especially a rental that has it’s own laundry facilities and owns all of it’s own inventory.

I started the company in the lower level of our home in New Sharon, Iowa, turning bedrooms, family room, and utility room into linen storage, ironing areas, etc. Then converted the Den to my official “Office”. And in the utility room, we added one commercial washer, one regular washer, and four dryers. Then we turned one-half of our garage into our packing and receiving area. Luckily we live in a split level house – so we would transport boxes from the great room sliding doors downstairs to the garage upstairs or carry them up a flight of stairs. We had from 6 to 7 people working out of the house – some coming during the middle of the night. And, oh yes, we would feed them lunch and breaks also….preparing the food.

When I look back on it, I wonder why my husband didn’t divorce me. But he has always been so supportive and is our dedicated maintenance guy….fixing the commercial washers, helping clean out drains when they over flow from all the lint etc.

After about “5” years of working out of the house, my husband and I decided we needed our personal home life back. So it was either close the business or build a warehouse to move the business to. So we did. Luckily we owned some additional ground east of our house. So we moved the garden and constructed an 80×100 steel building – two levels. We put a kitchen upstairs, so we could use it for a break room and still feed the employees lunch, and an office space on one side. It wasn’t long until we added an additional deck area upstairs for more storage, and then eventually two more deck additions.

With the construction of the building, we had adequate space then to purchase a 72″ commercial iron, two more commercial washers (one being a 90 lb.), six more dryers, one more small commercial washer, and wow a 120 lb dryer. We were in business.

Seemed like a dream come true, and it was. But with that comes the stress of continually growing the business nationwide to support the investment. Revamping the website two and three times, learning SEO and what drives traffic and business to your e-mail or door, WordPress, Facebook Advertising, Adwords, etc., etc., etc. And the hiring of more employees.

In 2011, we expanded our operation to include a Showroom in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, and then in March of 2014 moved to our current location in Historic Valley Junction area where we reside today at 413 5th Street.

While we are Iowa based, a large portion of our business is serving brides, church organization staff, party planners, multi-event coordinators, and etc., from all over the USA. Through the excellent support of UPS, we are able to send and receive chair cover and linen rental orders on a daily basis.

The successful growth of our business has and continues to be through our commitment to providing personal outstanding customer service and quality product rentals. We only rent what we own. We try never never to send out anything that is stained, ripped, etc. We take great pride in supporting multi event coordinators who re-rent our products at wholesale pricing. It is through their continued support we have survived and continue to.

Beyond Elegance values its customers. We are truly grateful for their continued support and repeat business we have acquired over the past years.

Sorry if I have rattled on too long. I could go on and on about the many aspects of starting your own business. But the one thing I would say, I love it! And I would do it all over again!!!!!

Let us help you make your next event “Beyond Elegance”! Call 1-877-353-4623 (toll free) to visit with a Beyond Elegance staff member today or Request A Quote online. We would greatly appreciate it!