If you are looking for chair covers to rent chair covers on line, you have come to the right place. We have over 20 years experience in helping our customers find the right chair cover to fit the chair they will be using.

First and most important is to know when looking to rent chair covers is the style and size of your chair you will be covering.  As the old saying goes, “Not All Are Created Equal” which also holds true for chairs and chair covers as well.  There is not a one size chair cover fits all he different styles and sizes of chairs.

Many companies refer to most chair cover rentals as “banquet chair covers”, but what is actually considered a “banquet chair”?  If you click on the blue link from Amazon, you will find everything from a wide blue plastic stack chair, a chiavari chair, a small back vinyl upholstered chair, a square back banquet chair, a rounded back banquet chair, a life time chair, and even a folding chair.  This can be so confusing for a customer wanting the right fit for “their” chair.

The second most important thing to decide before renting is “what look” you are wanting for your event.  Are you wanting a “fitted chair cover”, “spandex stretch chair cover”, or maybe a satin “universal chair cover”.

A “fitted” chair cover is typically custom fit for a specific style and brand of chair.  Generally manufactured from polyester or polyester satin fabrics.  They provide a beautiful flowing elegant look for almost any event.

A “spandex stretch” chair cover fits tight to the chair.  Normally has four pockets the legs of the chair attach to to keep it in place.   Many manufacturers specifically design and sell different sizes of spandex stretch chair covers to fit only the folding, banquet, or life time chair.  So again not one size stretch chair cover can fit all chairs.  At Beyond Elegance, however, we have had our spandex chair covers specially made so that they will fit both the larger banquet chairs, folding chairs, and conference chairs – all must have chair legs.

A “spandex stretch” chair cover also brings with it some hardships you won’t find with the fitted chair cover.  The first being the “extended” installation time to install spandex chair covers.  First you must pull the chair cover over the top of the chair, and then attach each foot of the chair to the chair.  This can sometimes be quite back breaking.  If we are doing a big setup, we will usually three team the installation process.  One person goes around and puts the chair cover on the top of the chair.  The other two team members roll round on rolling stools leaning the chair forward and backwards to attach the legs.  This can save a lot of aching back pain.  J)))

And then there is the frustration of getting the spandex chair cover on the chair…..and oops….you find a hole.  Quite prevalent with the stretch fabric which is not very thick and can tend to tear easily at the top of the chair which might have a rough metal edge.  Or you get it almost all on the chair, and you find one of the feet of the chair cover has come unsewn and it will not attach.  Yep….take it off and start over again with another chair cover.

Then there is the “cheap chair covers on line”.  You buy and they are so paper thin you can see the chair right through it!  Kind of defeats the purpose of using chair covers.

A “universal” chair cover primarily manufactured from a polyester satin or lamour matte satin provides a nice formal look to an event.  This style chair cover is often used for the very hard to fit chairs.  It is sewn in the form or a large bag.  You position the bag over the chair, bring the front of the bag to the floor in the back of the chair to assure it is completely covered, and then bring the two edges at the top together in the back and tie.  Watch this video!