DIY Weddings: Sash Tying – Bow

It’s finally here, our First DIY Sash-Tying Post! And what better way to start off than with the most requested Bow? For this example we used a white spandex chair cover on a standard banquet chair along with a cornflower blue taffeta sash. Please scroll down for more detailed instructions Step 1: Find the middle of the sash […]

DIY Weddings: Triangle Pocket Napkin Fold

Here’s a simple napkin fold for any event. The Triangle Pocket Fold leaves a clean, finished look and can be used in many different ways. The pocket can be accented with flower, a menu, or even hold the silverware. To start you need one of our 20×20 Solid Polyester or Satin PolyesterNapkins. In these photos we used the Navy […]