Ceiling Draping and Decor | Iowa

Decorating for your wedding doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. Beyond Elegance can help you create a ceiling decor design with fabric, lights, chandeliers, or paper lanterns which will turn your wedding reception into an elegant romantic atmosphere....one guests will be talking about for months to come. Call today for a quote.

Have a wedding at Glen Oaks Country Club, Des Moines Golf & Country Club, Embassy West, Scottish Rite, Embassy Club Downtown, Forte, Camp Dodge, Embassy Suites, CPMI, Gateway Hotel, Ankeny Airport, and many more.  We've been there, draped the ceilings.  So call us to get a quote for your event today!

Ceiling draping with fabric and lighting can add a soft beautiful touch of elegance that can turn an airport hanger, college or high school gymnasium, steel pole building, country club venue, or hotel ballroom into a fantasy wedding reception.

When considering ceiling draping for your event site, if we haven't draped the space prior, the following information is helpful to provide you an estimate. If you see a photo or on our website above of your event site, please call and we can provide you pricing right away.

Things to consider:

  • The approximate size of the dance floor area (if draping just the dance floor);
  • The entire size of the room – east to west and north to south;
  • How tall are the ceilings (if over 12' a lift or scaffolding system may be required);
  • Does the reception site have a ladder they allow decorators to utilize;
  • If so, do you know how tall the ladder is;
  • Is the ceiling a suspended ceiling that we can cable tie the draping to the grid work;
  • What type of access is there to the room;
  • Are there steps required to access the room.

Pricing will be based on footage of room and difficulty of the job.