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Are you planning a wedding or special event in Iowa? Is the venue or event space large and you want to create a warm spectacular feeling to the room? Why not consider adding some elegance and sparkle to the ceiling of the room with fabric ceiling draping?

‘5’ things you should consider regarding ceiling draping for your event.

  1. Are there connection points in the ceiling where the draping can be attached? Many ceilings in venues have suspended ceiling tiles which work wonderful for ceiling fabric draping. It might be the ceiling has grids that can be attached to. Or in some cases, the venue has installed hooks into studs in the ceiling for attachment.
  2. How tall are the ceilings? Can the connection point be reached with a 12′ to 15′ ladder. If not, a mechanical lift will be required to install the draping. Does the facility have a lift that can be used by event vendors, or is this something that will have to be rented for the installation which will add to your ceiling draping budget. If a mechanical lift is required, is there access into the venue that will allow the lift to be brought in through? Will the venue allow a lift to be utilized on their flooring?
  3. What style of ceiling draping do you desire?
    1. Flat Swag
    2. Star Shape
    3. Starburst
    4. Linear
  4. What are the dimensions of the room that the ceiling draping will cover?
  5. Does the room have a sliding divider wall in the center where the draping will be attached that will require a special connection adapter?

Once you have the answers to the questions above, another good thing to do prior to requesting a ceiling draping quote is to check out the various ceiling drapings at the different venues in Iowa we have done in the past. If your event venue is not listed, then emailing photos of the event space with your ceiling draping request is a big help in assisting in getting you your ceiling draping rental quote.

So call today, we would love to help you turn your venue into an Unforgettable Event!

Tablecloth Rentals

Transform Your Event with Tablecloth Rental: Elevate Your Decor without Breaking the Bank

Looking to host a memorable event without breaking the bank? Look no further than tablecloth rental! Transforming your event's decor has never been easier or more affordable. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering, tablecloth rentals offer a versatile and cost-effective solution to elevate your decor. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes available, you can find the perfect tablecloth to match your theme and style. Not only do tablecloth rentals add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event, but they also provide practical benefits such as protecting your tables from spills and stains. Save yourself time and effort by renting instead of buying tablecloths, and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered and picked up. Let tablecloth rental be your secret weapon in transforming your event into a stunning, budget-friendly affair.

To "Request A Quote" just select the type of fabric you desire and follow the prompts.