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Chair Bands Rental

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Spandex chair band rentals are the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way to add decor to almost any event chair cover rental!

If you are decorating for a wedding, you might want to select a chair band in the same theme color as your bridesmaid dresses. If you are a bride that loves the glitz and glamour, consider renting a sequin chair band.

Make sure the chair band you rent is high quality with double layer. And we always highly suggest you get a sample and try on your chair to assure it fits. Some chairs are too small for the chair band to fit up around the top and will slide down. And then there are some chairs that are just too wide and they will not fit, especially if it is a glitz chair band which does not have the elasticity as the lycra chair bands.

For installation, the simplest installation is just to spread them apart and slip them on over the top of the chair. However, if you are the creative type, you can give them a little twist, slip them on the top, and add some depth and design. Or try using two chair bands twisted together to add some extra flair.

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