NEW Beyond Elegance Spandex Chair Cover Rentals For Both Banquet, Conference & Folding Chairs | One Size Fits Most All

About the Chair Cover:

We want to announce our NEW  “One Size Fits Most All” Spandex Chair Cover.  Now designed to fit both the banquet, folding, and conference  chairs.  No need for a separate style for each chair.  It is called the spandex chair cover simply because it is made of spandex and stretches to fit the chair attaching to the legs of the chair.. It also fits a conference chair with legs vs. rails,wooden folding and regular folding chair.  Sorry to say it will NOT fit the skinny banquet chair nor the life time chair or any chair with arms or that does not have legs.  The chair covers are available in black, ivory, and white.

Spandex Chair Cove Rental

How to put the Chair Cover on:
This Chair Cover isn’t as simple as just sliding over the chair.  Each Chair Cover has a pocket in each of its four corners.  The purpose of the pocket is to place around the feet of the chair to keep the cover in place.  If the pockets are not applied around the foot of the chair it will slide up when sat in.  Here are the steps to properly put on a stretch chair cover:

1) Find the straight or flat side of the cover and place over the back of the chair.
2) Pull the chair cover down around the seat.
3) Pull each foot pocket around the foot of the chair.

Overall setting up an event with stretch chair covers isn’t too hard but a little time consuming.  We also have a video on our YouTube channel…How to put on a stretch Chair Cover.

Special notes about stretch chair covers:

When renting stretch chair covers from Beyond Elegance we always pack a few extra chair covers along with your order.  This is because from time to time they get small holes in them.  We do our best to inspect each chair cover while laundering and folding, but being that the chair cover stretches so much when put on a chair, it is hard to find those all the tiny holes.  So we provide extras for you!  We just ask that on the rare occasion that you would find a tear, please tie the chair cover in a knot so we can take it out of inventory upon return.

From a modern space to a country wedding in a barn, the stretch chair cover is the perfect addition to your event.  For more information on renting our stretch chair covers please visit https://www.beyondelegance.com/chair-cover-rentals/