The Different Styles of Banquet Chair Cover Rentals

Here at Beyond Elegance we know how hard it is to find your perfect location for your event just to find out that their tables and chairs are less than desirable. So often we see venues with chairs that have stains and rips, or are a color that just doesn’t go with your theme. That’s where we can help! We have covers to fit pretty much any chair you come across! Here are the different types of Banquet Chair Covers that we carry:

Our chair covers come in a variety of styles. To start out, here is our Universal Chair Cover:


Our Satin Bag Chair Covers come in white, ivory, black, brown, and navy and are universal for all banquet chairs. To give you an idea, here are some photos of chairs this cover fits on:

Bag_Square-Back-ChairTN Banquet_Princess_Largetn Ch_Banquet_Small_TN ChavariTN ViolinTN

For a more fitted look, try our Banquet Polyester Elite 2 Pleat Chair Cover


which covers these chairs and comes in white or ivory:

Banquet_Princess_Largetn ViolinTN


If you need to cover these kinds of chairs:

Ch_Banquet_Small_TN Banquet_Princess_SmallTN

Consider this Banquet Polyester Princess No Pleat Chair Cover (B#1) which comes in white, ivory and black.


We also have our similar Banquet Polyester Princess No Pleat (B#3) Chair Cover


which covers these types of chairs:

Banquet_Princess_Largetn ViolinTN Ch_Banquet_Small_TN

And lastly we have our Spandex Chair Covers that come in white, black and ivory


which fits on these chairs:

ChavariTN Ch_Banquet_Small_TN Banquet_Princess_Largetn ViolinTN Lifetime-ChairTN TNBanquet-Tall-Back-DSMGC

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what other chair cover options we have for you for folding chairs and stacked conference chairs!