DIY Wedding: Chair Sash Tying – The Swag | Beyond Elegance Event Rentals

Today’s DIY Beyond Elegance Rentals Wedding Series features a chair sashes tying tutorial of ‘The Swag’. This tie is simple, quick and gives your reception a modern and elegant look.

The Swag tie works and looks best on heavier fabrics like taffeta or polyester satin.
the swag

It’s simple…
Step 1. All sashes will arrive in your hands folded in 1/4. Unfold the sash and find the center point.
Step 2. Place the center of the sash in the front center of the chair back.
Step 3. Wrap around chair and tie in a double knot.
Step 4. Reach behind your knot and pull the sash tails up and over the knot. Make sure you leave the knot covered with the tails.
Step 5. Take a look at your work and make any touch ups you need.
Need a closer look? Here is a step by step video…Sash Tying Video – The Swag
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