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Today begins the DIY Wedding Series! I will be showing you simple & affordable ways use the products we offer at Beyond Elegance to ‘Do It Yourself’. At Beyond Elegance we do offer set up/decorating services, but have now aslo incorporated a more budget friendly do it yourself option!
I am going to kick off this series by showing you how to make a gorgeous head table swag!
Step 1.) Gather your supplies. The most important supply is obviously…Fabric. In these photos I have used the ivory sheer voile fabric available for rent at Beyond Elegance. The type of fabric you use will make all the difference when it comes to the overall look. My Main point about fabric is that tulle will not provide the same “WOW” effect as a high quality sheer voile or satin fabric. Others supplies you will be needing include table cloths, zip ties, c-clamps, scissors, corsage pins and safety pins.
step 2.) Place one floor length table cloth on every table. Then push the tables together.
Step 3.) Place one c-clamp on each end of your head table. Then place one where the tables push together. For example, if you have 3 8′ tables you would need 4 c-clamps along the head table.
Place your c-clamps on the table.
Step 4.) Fold the fabric and half to find the middle point on the fabric. Place the middle point at the center of your head table on the floor. Unfold the fabric to cover the distance of the table once the middle is marked. This step is to make sure you are working with the same amount of fabric on each end. You will notice that you have a lot of extra fabric on each end. This is because every body has a different way of draping the fabric onto the table. It takes a lot more fabric to do the swag that is fanned out and almost touching the floor vs just swagging across the very top of the table.
Find the middle of the fabric by folding it in half. Unfold the fabric to the other half of table.
Step 5.) Pick a starting end. I always work right to left. Bunch your fabric and zip tie leaving a generous amount of fabric hanging on the floor. Attach your bunched fabric to the c-clamp using another zip tie. Tuck the extra fabric underneath itself to give it a full look.
Bunch the fabric and zip tie it.
Make sure to leave some extra fabric hanging on the ground.
Step 6.) Find the top side of the fabric and pull it across to your next c-clamp.
Find the top edge of fabric and pull it across to the next c-clamp.
Step 7.) Begin to make your next bunch of fabric at the 2nd c-clamp, zip tie together and attach to the clamp. Continue this process until you have a bunched the fabric and attached to each clamp left on the table.
Continue bunching and zip tying your fabric to each clamp left on the table.
Step 8.) Depending on the type of swag you chose, you may have extra fabric when finished . Please do not cut the fabric! Here is a simple trick to hide the extra fabric. Tuck it under the table cloth. Pull of some fabric back out from under the table to give the look of fullness.
Tuck extra fabric under the table. Then pull some back out so the fabric looks like it is flowing onto the ground.
Step 9.) This is where the scissors come in. Don’t forget to go back and clip your zip ties!
Go back and clip your zip ties.
10.) Use the corsage pins or safety pins to go back and make any needed touch ups.
The Final Look:
DIY Head Table Swag
DIY Head Table Swag
Click the link below to view a video of head table designs by Beyond Elegance. To give you a better idea of what design you would like to create on your head table, I have labeled the photos with the type of fabric, skirting or table cloths used on the table.
Head Table Design