DIY Weddings: Chair Sashes Tying – Bow | Beyond Elegance Rentals

It’s finally here, our First DIY Beyond Elegance Rental Chair Sashes-Tying Post! And what better way to start off than with the most requested Bow?

For this example we used a white spandex chair cover on a standard banquet chair along with a cornflower blue taffeta sash.

Please scroll down for more detailed instructions


Step 1: Find the middle of the sash & center it on the front of the chair so you have the two tails pulled towards you


Step 2: Cross the left (highlighted green) tail over the right (blue).

Wrap it under the blue tail and pull it up through the hole, tying a knot.



Step 3: Using the green (originally the left now on the right side) tail, make a small loop by wrapping it around your thumb


Step 4: This is the trickiest part holding the loop (green) in your right hand wrap the opposite tail around the loop:

Start from the bottom and wrap it up over the front so the tail is hanging behind the loop. From there make a look with that tail and pull it through the hole you created by wrapping it around (basically just like if you were tying your shoes).


Step 5: Pull tight. If the loops are uneven or too long, you can adjust by pulling the tails, just make sure to pull the loops tight again after you’ve adjusted the length.



Step 6: Fluff out the loops to give the bow some volume



Step 7: Adjust to your liking – some may require flipping the tails around so that they lay flat. Also take this time to make sure the sash is lying flat across the front of the chair.


And there you have it! Seven quick steps to tying a beautiful chair sash bow!

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