DIY Weddings: Chair Sash Tying – Introduction |Beyond Elegance Rentals

We’re running out of ideas for how to fold napkins so until we can brainstorm a few more, our next series of DIY posts will be all about chair sashes tying!

As an introduction, here are 16 photos to show you various ways our chair sashes can be tied over a chair cover on a standard banquet chair:

Sash Tying - Bow Sash Tying - Rosette Sash Tying - Fan Sash Tying - Knot
Sash Tying - Tie Sash Tying - Swag Sash Tying - 1 Loop Bow Sash Tying - Twist Rose
Sash Tying - Wrapped Bow Sash Tying - Side Rosette Sash Tying - Scroll Sash Tying - Angle Wrap
Sash Tying - "X" Drape Sash Tying - Weave Sash Tying - Criss-Cross 1 Sash Tying - Criss-Cross 2 (with tails)

Stay tuned as we work our way through these various chair sash ties to make your event Beyond Elegance!