DIY Weddings: Chair Sash Tying – Swag | Chair Cover

We’re back with another DIY Chair Sash Tying post! This time, we’re focusing on the simple and elegant ‘Swag.’ This tie is one of our other most requested ties! The swag offers a bit more of a modern look which most grooms LOVE! You get full effect of the color that chair sashes offer without the frilliness of a bow or rosette.

For this example we used a burnt orange taffeta chair sash over a white polyester chair cover.

Please scroll down for more detailed instructions.


Step 1: Find the center of the sash and line that up with the front of the chair so you have two tails pulled back towards you.


Step 2: Cross one tail over the other


Step 3: And wrap it around to tie a knot. Pull it tightly up against the back of the chair.


Step 4: Repeat the knot tying a second time by crossing one tail over the other


Step 5: Wrap that tail around and pull it through the hole that was created.


Step 6: Making sure it’s still pulled up against the back of the chair, but the other knot tight (not too tight though, as you’ll have to untie all of these knots at the end of your eventÔǪ)


Step 7: Gather the tails together and make sure they lie flat against each other.


Step 8: Push the fabric of the tails up between the back of the chair and the knot.


Step 9: Holding the sash about two to three inches below the knot, use your other hand to pull the tails all the way through. Holding the sash below the knot ensures you won’t pull the tails too far.


Step 10: Flatten out the sash so it lays nicely, covering the knot and you’re finished!


As one of our fastest ways to tie a chair sash, I’d say it’s also the easiest! The best part about this tie is you can have as many people as you want tying them, and they with all turn out pretty much exactly the same. Which is a little trickier with some of our other ties (everyone has a different loop size they make for their bows).

Thanks for checking out our post and be sure to stop back soon!