Frequently Asked Questions | Event Rentals

How do you differentiate yourself from the competitors?

We are a family owned business with ’10’ years of experience in the linen rental business. Beyond Elegance has grown and continues to grow as a result of the excellent customer and quality of service we provide. We personally inspect every item that is shipped. You will not receive any ripped, torn, or stained products. We will not call and tell you a few days before your event, we do not have the items available you have rented. AndÔǪwe only purchase high-quality high-thread count products for our rentals and would not provide you anything we would not use for our own use. What you receive for a sample will be the same great quality you will receive for your event. We also specialize in packing of our rental products so they are ready to be put on the chairs and tables with no-ironing required. You certainly don’t want the stress of steaming chair covers or linens the day of or before your event.

How is shipping ‘to & from” handled & when will I receive my order?

Beyond Elegance ships UPS Ground and makes arrangements for your order to arrive two days prior to your event. To help relieve any stress regarding the return shipment after your busy event day, we also make all return shipping arrangements with UPS for you. All you must do is place the inventory back in the box/es that they arrived in, tape them up, and UPS will come to the address on the first working day following your event. They will have the labels with them, place the labels on the boxes, pick them up, and return them to us. It couldn’t be any easier! Or, if that is not convenient for you, we can provide you with pre-paid UPS Return Service labels, and you can take the box/es to a UPS Shipping Center

I do not know my final count yet, is this a problem?

We understand that you will not know your final count of your rental items until a few days prior to your event so adjusting count is expected. Just contact us no later than ten days prior to the date we ship, or you pick up your order, and we will readjust to meet your needs. You only pay for the amount you provide us at that time. And we do guarantee we will hold 10% over just in case you might need more inventory.

How is payment handled?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Check or Cash. We do request a valid credit card on file, even if you select to pay via check or cash, prior to delivery of the order as this is our insurance on our product. One-half of the total order cost is due at the time your order is placed, or if that is not convenient for you, we also offer a monthly payment plan. The total balance is due two weeks prior to the date of order shipment. as this is our insurance on our product.

Do you provide samples of your product?

Yes, we highly recommend you request sample rental items to personally view the item/s. This is truly the best way to ensure proper fitting and right color. The only fee charged for this service is the shipping expense that is incurred by Beyond Elegance – usually around $8.00. Samples are shipped by UPS Ground. You return at your own expense whichever means is convenient for you.

How do I proceed with getting a rental quote, to include shipping and handling?

Go to the “Rentals” section of our website, select the products you want, fill in the information and we will return your e-mail within 24 to 48 hours. Or call 877-353-4623. We love visiting with our potential customers. Don’t hesitate if you don’t understand something, have a question on sizing, color, etc. We are here to help.

What if I don’t know the size of chair cover or table linen I require?

Please check out our sizing chart for chair covers on the “Chair Cover” tab above. You can find linen sizing at our Linens Sizing Tips page. Or….just call. We will be happy to assist you. Also, if you can send us a link to the website of the venue you are having your event at, which has a picture of the chair on it you will be covering, about 90% of the time, we can tell you the size by looking at the picture.

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