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Every once in a while chair sashes are deemed “a little too much” for an occasion, and we understand. Not everyone goes for the bright colors or fancy ties. But rather than ignoring your chairs completely, why not consider one of our newest products: The Spandex Chair Band.

Now available in white, black, and silver!

Spandex Chair Bands
Chair bands are the quickest and easiest way to finish off a look. There is no tying involved so every chair will look practically identical. They stretch to slip over the back of the chair and you’re done!
Silver Chair Band

You can add in one more step and a touch of elegance by also renting our silver rhinestone chair brooches.

Silver Rhinestone Brooch It is a pin, but no need to actually pin it to the fabric – just gather up one side of the band and wrap the pin over it as pictured below:

Back of Brooch on Sash
Silver Brooch and White Band
For more information about our Chair Bands or to request a quote visit www.BeyondElegance.com
Since they are a newer product, we don’t have too many photos of the bands being used at events yet… but here’s a glimpse of one recently held at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club.
White Bands on White Spandex
Here they did white on white which created a clean and beautiful look around the whole room! The silver brooch added just enough interest that the bands weren’t lost on the white chair covers. These bands and chair covers paired beautifully with our charcoal solid polyester tablecloths and mosaic overlays.

What do you think of the new chair bands? We’d love to hear your opinion!

Is there another color you wish we had in stock for your event? Let us know!