How Does A Bride Decide On Her Wedding Colors | Chair Cover

As the owner or a linen rental company, I often wonder how a bride decides on what that perfect color will be for her wedding. In my imagination, she more than likely searches the internet for hours for the latest trends as I do for the many things I’m looking for, or purchases the latest bridal magazines, attends the local wedding bridal shows, and waits to see what the Pantone color of the year will be. Which in 2017, Pantone named the color of the year as GreeneryÔǪ..a color we saw rented very little last year.
I’m always trying to keep up the latest trends also, so I do some of the very same things. Then I’ll take a hard look back at the prior year to gather my stats on color trends. I like to look at the basic banquet linen colors that were selected, and what colors the brides decided to accent with when selecting a table runner, table overlay, or napkin rentals. I will also research the top wedding bridesmaid dress colors from David’s Bridal, and a few other of the top wedding dress companies. This will usually give me a good color trend for the coming year along with the ‘new’ color names for the ‘same old colors’ – if you know what I mean. Like they name the basic fuchsia color ‘Begonia’, or you see a ‘Wisteria’, or Lapis, or whatever new color name they come up with which can be very confusing to a rental company.

What I found In 2017, is that we couldn’t keep enough navy tablecloths on the shelves. As soon as they would come back in from our rental customers, we were immediately laundering, ironing and shipping out once again even though we had a huge stock. The same held true for the popular ivory, beige and champagne linens which are always an excellent neutral shade to accent any bridesmaid dress or floral colors.

I can remember back in the days (I’m showing my age here) when ‘white’ was the only color a bride’s wedding dress was made in. Now we are seeing a lot of ivory, nude, champagne, and blush dresses. Who would have thought that ivory would take over as the leading seller, or that the top linen rental for 2017 would be ‘ivory’ accented with an ‘ivory’ napkins, a ‘faux burlap’ table runner, with Ivory chair cover and a champagne mirror chair sash.

Drum roll.

The ‘Top Ten In All Linen Rentals Categories For 2017 Were:’
Tablecloths: Ivory, White, Navy, Black, Beige, Grey, Charcoal, Royal Blue, Eggplant, and Burgundy
Table Runners: Faux Burlap, Blush Glitz, Gold Glitz, Silver Glitz, White Lace, Ivory Lace, Burgundy, Plum, Midnight Blue, Charcoal
Table Overlays: Midnight Blue, Silver, Fuchsia, Faux Burlap, Calypso Blue, Sky Blue, Champagne, Claret, White, Lavender
Napkins: Ivory, White, Navy, Black, Burgundy, Eggplant, Charcoal, Red, Beige, Gold
Chair Covers: Ivory, White, Black, Silver, Blush
Chair Sashes: Champagne, Silver, Midnight Blue, Blush, Apple Red, Faux Burlap, Gold, Burgundy, Navy, Royal Blue

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my latest blog post. Please check back soon for my next update on current trends for ‘2018’.

Best wishes on your wedding planning, and give us a call when you have time to discuss your linen rental needs.
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