Italian Lighting by Beyond Elegance
Italian Lighting by Beyond Elegance
Italian Lighting Rentals by Beyond Elegance
Italian Lighting Rentals by Beyond Elegance
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Italian Lighting Rentals

Create a romantic and elegant atmosphere at your event with the addition of bistro lighting or sometimes called Italian Lighting. Italian lighting has become increasingly popular over the past few years for wedding ceiling decorations. Call or request a today to inquire for your next event.Italian lights are among the best choices of lighting at a party. They add instant glam and the ‘wow’ effect so effortlessly and without breaking your budget. If you have a festive, elegant, yet romantic party ambiance in mind, then our Italian Lighting rental is what you need to add to your list right now.

But why use only Italian lighting, you may ask? Because here is what Italian lights do at a party:

  • Highlight particular areas of your reception or party room. You can string the lights around your dance floor, over the buffet area, or the specific spot where you want to get your guests into the party mood.
  • If you’re using our Italian lighting rental at your wedding reception, you can use those to illuminate your wedding cake table and capture the most romantic pictures ever.
  • Also, Italian lights are the perfect choice for a romantic wedding. You can dim all the other lights around the reception area and let the Italian ones cast their magical spell over all your guests.
  • These allow you to dim and increase the lights to your liking. You can cover the lights for a romantic vibe or something like that for intimate gatherings or slow dances.

Trust us, Italian lights weave a magic of their own at parties.