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1: How long should the drop be? Some of the top linen manufacturers recommend the drop of the table linen from the edge of the table to the end of your tablecloth be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches. Linens that go all the way to the floor utilized on tables that guests are seated at may cause your guests to be fighting with the tablecloth for proper seating.

Tip #2: How do I calculate what the drop will be? The normal height of a table is 30 inches. You can figure the drop of a tablecloth for the table by using:

First subtracting the width of the table from the width of the tablecloth. Example: 5′ Table = 60 inches, Tablecloth is a 90-inch round (90″ – 60″ = 30″)

Next divide the difference (30″) by 2 which will give you the drop on all sides. Example: 30″ / 2 = 15″ drop

Tip #3: How do I hide the legs on the table? Did you know that a lot of the major hotels and reception locations use SQUARE table linens on round tables? You can still achieve the same drop dimension as if you were using a round tablecloth. However, when positioning the corners of the square tablecloth correctly you can also hide the legs of the table. Works wonderfully! The 90-inch square tablecloth fits a 5-foot round table beautifully and the guests aren’t fighting with the tablecloth for leg room.


90″ Round Tablecloth on a 5-foot Table

A tad bit more expensive & doesn’t cover table legs Less expensive & Covers the table legs.


90″ x 90″ Square Tablecloth on a 5-foot Table

Less expensive & Covers the table legs


60″ x 120″ Rectangle Tablecloth on an 8-foot Table


90″ x 156″ Rectangle Tablecloth on an 8-foot Table

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Linen Sizing Tips - Linen Sizing Chart

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