Renting Vs. Buying | Event Rentals

Here are a few reasons why we believe renting is the better option for you:

Excellent quality at affordable rental prices. We only provide you with high-quality thread count fabric that requires no ironing. Do you wonder why some companies sell their chair covers and sashes so cheap? The answer is the fabric is very very thin – they have low thread count – some you can almost see through.

No worry that you will not receive your rental items. We constantly get calls from brides a week or so before their wedding telling us that the company they purchased their chair covers, sashes, or linens from is no longer in business and asking if we can “rent them chair covers with a sash for $1.10 to $1.50 along with no shipping charges” just like the other company did. Most indicate the company they purchased their linens from can’t be reached – no telephone contact number on their website – and the website no longer exists. They generally advise they have paid their full amount and have not seen a refund. As the old saying goes,”if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Please beware. As you know UPS & FedEx are very reliable and well-known companies. They do not ship for FREE, or they wouldn’t be in business. Take the worry out of your wedding linen rentals. Rent from a reliable company that assures you “they will be here on your wedding day”. Beyond Elegance is that company. We have been in business for 10 years, and continue to grow through our excellent customer service and products.

No laundry expense. No risk of damage by laundering improperly. We’re experts on stain removal for grease, black chair and shoe stains, wax, etc. that cannot be removed with general laundering. Often it takes professional chemical cleaning solutions and machines. And…if chair covers and linens are not dried properly, you can shock the fabric and permanently set wrinkles that cannot be ironed out.
We will provide you excellent quality rentals used by top event professionals to help make your event “Beyond Elegance.” Our products are made of high-quality fabric guaranteed to look “Beyond Elegance.” No rips, tears, or stains.
No ironing required. We do that for you. Don’t be stressed the day of or before your event ironing for hours “light weight, low quality purchased chair covers and linens.” Be aware there is a reason the pricing is so low.

We assist you in assuring you are renting the correct size to fit your chairs and tables. We will provide you samples for you to try to assure they are correct! And we offer personalized service to help you make sure you have the correct quantities and sizes for your tables and chairs. It’s like having a Linen Event Coordinator at no cost.
When you buy, there’s no guarantee of resell. Thinking of reselling the items after you purchased? Sometimes it is not so easy finding a buyer that needs the same size, same color, and same quantities. And if you can’t resell, make sure you have plenty of room for storing those large containers required to pack the linens away.

We have eleven years of experience in the chair cover and linen rental business and are here to help make your event “Beyond Elegance”. Just give us a call at 877-353-4623 or click on Request A Quote and forward us your information.