Why is sage all the rage?

I’m sure by now you’ve seen it everywhere; In furniture, in accent walls, kitchen cabinets, and now it’s even dominating the wedding color game… but how did sage make such a quick trend of itself?

Let’s start with the color itself. Sage is a beautiful light green color that’s muted hue makes it super easy to pair. The last couple years brought popularity to other muted tones, such as beige, tan, cream, and most recently, dusty rose, so it was only a matter of time for another muted tone to make rise.

Sage is the perfect color to add to any event because it’s neutral hue helps it stay low key, while the green gives a perfect pop of color that doesn’t overdo it. While many don’t consider sage a neutral, it actually pairs very well with some of the most popular colors! For more of a muted and minimalistic scheme, sage pairs very well with ivory and lighter blue tones. For a little bit more of a color pop, sage really brings out the brighter color in navy and dusty rose tones. For the event that doesn’t mind a lot of color, sage plays a perfect accent with terra cotta, rust, and darker green tones to make it more of a southwest color feel!

Whatever route you decide to go with sage, Beyond Elegance Event Rentals has all the colors and materials to help your event look exactly like you picture! Stop in to test some sage green wedding color schemes on a table today!  

Sage Green Wedding