Seven Shades of Grey for Your Wedding Decor | Table Runners

I had a wedding coordinator contact me wanting to rent linens and chair covers to create a “silver” wedding theme design.  She was wanting to use glitz, satin, and sheer fabrics all in the silver color.  So we began creating an event order of the different linens and chair covers that would be needed.  It was at this time that, even though I have been in the linen rental business for over 15 years now, I was amazed to learn just how many different shades of silver color there were in the different fabrics and from the various fabric suppliers. I already was aware of the “seven shades of grey”, but until now never had been confronted with numerous shades of silver.
The event was being designed in the highest of fashion with sparkly silver glitz sequin tablecloths and table runners accented with silver spandex banquet chair covers and eggplant sashes.  Definitley “WOW”.  And they were adding a beautiful silver satin backdrop hi-lighted with silver sheer drapes.
So by now you are asking yourself, where did I ever come up with the blog title “Seven Shades of Grey” when I am talking about “silver” event design products? Right?
Well this all came into play when I decided it would be most cost effective to make the silver satin drapes myself rather than purchasing from my regular retail linen provider where I knew actually what color their “silver satin” was.   Only to be discover later that this was “NOT” a great decision on my part.
I emailed my fabric provider, got an internet photo of the “silver” satin fabric, and “thought” the color looked very similar to what I currently had, but, as you know, not all computer resolutions are the same.
Well the fabric arrived the other day.  Yep – two wonderful bolts of 50 yards each which were both labeled “Silver”.  And while it might look a shade like silver, when laying it out to cut, it cast a more blushish/greyish tint.  So I go dig out the silver satin fabric sample provided by my retail linen provider and shazam the two fabrics are nothing alike.  The blushish/grey is actually a much lighter shade of silver and is more of a matte satin fabric with very little sheen whereas the silver fabric myself and my client are use to working with is a bright shinny silver polyester satin.
Needless to say….plan two has to come into play.  I place an immediate order for the drapes from my original supplier of the bright shinny silver satin – pay a lot more money, but I’m comfortable that my end product will be what my customer expects.  Yep, that is what you call “Beyond Elegance”.
So I learned a few of good lessons once again I want to  pass along to my readers.

  1. Always get a sample of the fabric before you buy.  It can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Don’t wait until the week before the event to order the fabric you need for your event/order.
  3. Understand that different types of fabric colors can all be called the same name, but will more than likely vary in shades.

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