Wall Draping Rentals

Wall Draping For Weddings or Corporate Events

Ever wonder how to drape a wall for your wedding or event?  It may seem somewhat complicated at first, but if you have the right support system and draping fabric it can be actually be a breeze.  

You will need telescoping uprights, some support plates with pins, and crossbars.  Then just add your drapes. 

Seems pretty simple right?  Well what makes it a little bit more complicated is figuring out how wide your crossbars need to be and how many supporting pieces you need.

At Beyond Elegance have experience in helping you figure this all out.  We have draped an airport hanger, turned pole buildings into  beautiful event sites draping all walls, completely draped the inside of a hotel venue ballroom, draped garages, plus installed hundreds of feet of wall drapings at other various venue.

To help you create your perfect wall draping, we offer a wide variety of  fabrics in numerous colors - from the basic white, ivory, and black sateen and sheer voile to the ever popular rose gold, wisteria, blush, silver voiles and satins....and much more.  We carry sateen, voile sheer, taffeta, matte satin, burlap, and other high quality fabrics.  And if you need drapes that are extra tall - we have that also.

Just call, and we will be happy to work with you to determine what you will need to create your dream wall draping.