Linen Rentals – What Size of Tablecloth Do I Need?

Linen Sizing Tips
Knowing what size tablecloth you need for which size table can be confusing. There are square tablecloths, round tablecloths, rectangle tablecloths, oblong tablecloths. It just goes on and on. To help make your task a little easier, please check out these helpful tips.

(1) The recommended drop of the table linen from the top of the table to the end of the tablecloth should be anywhere from 6″ to 12″ to 30″. If you are wanting a more formal look, we always recommend floor length linens which would be the 30″ drop. If you are wanting an elegant linen, but less-expensive, we highly recommend the 90″ x 90″ tablecloth. And if you are just needing a pop of color for the top of the table a nice 72″ x 72″ works just fine.
(2) The normal height of a table is 30″.
(3) You can easily figure the drop of the tablecloth for the table you will be using by utilizing the following “4” steps:

1. Subtracting the width of the table from the width of the tablecloth.

Example: 5′ Table = 60″, Tablecloth is a 90″ Round (90″-60″ = 30″)
2. Divide the difference (30″) by 2 which will give you the drop on all sides. Example: 30″ / 2 = 15′ drop

(4) Did you know that a lot of the major hotels and reception locations use “SQUARE” table linens on round tables? You can still achieve the same drop dimension as if you were using a round tablecloth, however, when positioning the corners of the square tablecloths correctly you can hide the legs of the table. Works wonderful! The 90″ square fits a 5′ round table beautiful.
See the diagram below to view difference of how a 90″ round and a 90″ x 90″ fits a 60″ round table. A much more formal look!

90″ Round

A Tab Bit More Expensive & Does Not Cover the Legs of the Table

90″ x 90″

Less Expensive & Covers Legs of Table

For recommended tablecloth sizes please check out our linen sizing chart!

And don’t hesitate to call our linen specialist for a FREE consultation on tablecloth rental sizing and pricing.