What to know when renting party rentals from Beyond Elegance….

When you are preparing for an event, it takes a lot planning, searching, and doing. Whether it is for a wedding reception, corporate party, fund raiser, birthday party, anniversary or whatever, there are some basic details you need to address.  And where to start is often the biggest question!

At Beyond Elegance Event Rentals, we have been in business for over 18 years.  My business started out as my little side job in the basement of our home after retirement to keep myself busy.  Today, we have a warehouse with a full line of commercial laundry equipment to keep myself and our staff busy.

So where to start?  I thought it might be helpful to share with you some of the questions we receive from our customers you might also be wondering about.  After reading, don’t hesitate to send us an email and submit your question for addition to this blog

  • Are the items we provide for rent or purchase?

We are a rental only company based out of New Sharon, Iowa.  We offer local pick up service at both our New Sharon and West Des Moines locations.  We also ship our linens, chair covers, sashes, etc. (all soft products) all over the USA via UPS.

  • Are the tablecloths pressed and ready to go on the table once they arrive?

Yes, we have a large 72” wide commercial iron that we use to press our tablecloth rentals.  Plus a hand steam iron we use to iron out any wrinkles that the commercial iron doesn’t remove.  The tablecloths are folded and packed in special sizing boxes for the specific sizes of tablecloths to help minimize as many folds as possible.

  • Do you have napkins to match your sashes?

We do carry napkins in both the lamour matte satin and polyester satin fabric to match our chair sash rentals in those fabrics.  The majority of our in stock napkins are made of a high quality solid polyester which matches our tablecloth rentals.  However, while the solid polyester napkins might not be an exact match to our taffeta, matte satin, and organza fabrics, we carry over “144” different polyester napkin rentals to closely compliment almost any chair sash rent we offer for rent.

  • If something is spilled on the items, is there an extra charge for cleaning?

Absolutely not!  Cleaning is our specialty. We just ask that you please make sure everything is dry before repacking in the return box/es so they do not mildew.

  • Can I get samples to check color before ordering?

Yes, however before sending samples we like to provide you with a rental quote to include your shipping (if applicable) and handling fees so you are fully aware of the total cost.

  • How do I go about receiving a Rental Quote?

The fastest and easiest way to receive a Rental Quote, it to click on our “Request A Quote” button on our website.  This will provide you with a webpage of all the different categories of products our company provides.  Just select the category you are interested in (i.e., Tablecloth Rentals), and it will take you to a page that lists all the different types of fabrics we offer in our Tablecloth Rental line.  From there it is easy to select your color of your choice, select the size, and quantity and then follow the prompts to provide your event date and information.

So that is it for now, come back soon as we update regularly with your questions!

Diana Bair, Owner

Beyond Elegance Event Rentals