I often see the sticker shock on my client’s faces when they receive their quote for wedding backdrop draping.  It is hard for someone who doesn’t know what all components are required to create a beautiful head table backdrop to understand the pricing.  All the pieces, parts, drapes….along with the time to create the order for both the client and the workers who will be installing all add up.


And that is just the beginning…..

The basic purchase cost for just the hardware for one 12’ section for hi-quality products can run around $292.  With the drapes ranging anywhere from $16.50 per drape to well over $100 depending on the type of fabric desired.  To create a beautiful backdrop most require one drape per every 2 to 3 feet depending on the type of fabric.

And then there is lighting……

Whether it is string lights or Italian lights, the light strands must be attached to an electrical outlet.   The most popular is to add light bars (which can run around $110 each to purchas) to the cross bars to create adequate plug-ins for the light strands.

Also one must add additional cross bars so there is a cross bar for the drapes as well as the lights.  This can be accomplished by attaching cross bar extensions to the uprights in order that two cross bars can be used with the two uprights.  Another hardware expenditure.

While this all may sounds very complicated, after doing numerous times, our team can create you the most beautiful wedding backdrop you can imagine.  So why not give us a call or email today to request a quote for your event.